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About Buffalo Green Products

Buffalo Green Products, LLC, is a Virtual Business that has warehouses and distribution points throughout the United States.  The burning of fossil fuel and pollution is decreased by shipping from these resources.

Buffalo Green Products has assembled a group of professionals and experts in their field to recommend and review American Made recycled material products for addition to its offerings.  This group of professionals are academics, architects, engineers, professionals - lawyers, doctors, writers, contractors, and real estate developers.  Buffalo Green's advisors approve the products after they have verified its point of origin, the companies’ ownership, recycled materials used and recycled content.

If you have a product to add, question about a product, or need to find one, please submit via our request form.  Our sales professional will get back to you with an answer and further information. 

Thank you for buying American Made recycled material products!


Buffalo Green Products was formed to fill a void in the marketplace, offering assistance to business consumers to locate real American Made recycled material products.  Finding and selling America's best recycled material products is not easy, as many U.S. resellers are importing foreign made, not actually green products; that say they are recycled but are not truly "Green."  What's Green and environmental about importing from China and any other country other than the US?  Buffalo Green is an advocate for, and supporter of "American Made", and will decipher all the "Green Washing" that occurs with so-called recycled, green, eco-friendly products.


To be trustworthy, honest and a supporter for U.S. Made recycled material products.

Meet the Jake in Charge!

Jake Douglas has been working with RubberForm Recycled Products, re-selling their eco-friendly products since 2015. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a major in Communication, concentration in Rhetorical studies and a minor in Finance and English. Jake’s educational qualifications and his outgoing personality are the perfect combination to provide his customers with the best care possible. He cares about the quality of a product and believes that the higher the quality, does not always mean a higher price tag. Not only is he determined to provide the best quality product, but also is determined to decrease the amount of pollution on our Earth.