About Buffalo Green Products

Buffalo Green Products, LLC, is a parking lot safety and industrial product business based in Buffalo NY with distribution all throughout the United States. 

At Buffalo Green Products, we have assembled a group of professionals and experts in their field to recommend and review American-made, recycled material products to help add value to our products. Our advisers approve the products after they have verified its point of origin, the companies’ ownership, recycled materials used, and recycled content. 

Buffalo Green Products was formed to fill a void in the marketplace, offering assistance to business consumers to locate real American-made, recycled industrial and parking lot safety products. Finding and selling America's best recycled material products is not easy! Many U.S. resellers are importing foreign made, environmentally harmful products that they claim are recycled when they are not. What's green and environmental about using large amounts of fuel and energy to import from China and other countries? We are an advocate for and supporter of American-made products and will help decipher through all the "Green Washing" that occurs with so-called recycled, green, eco-friendly products. 

If you have a product to add, question about a product, or need help finding the right one for you, feel free to reach out to us. Our sales professionals will get back to you with an answer and further information.