What Can You Make With Recycled Rubber?


Here at Buffalo Green Products, all of the parking lot safety products we produce are sustainably sourced and manufactured from recycled rubber — which got us thinking. What else can be made using recycled rubber? In today’s blog at Buffalo Green Products, we take a look at a variety of different things that you can create using recycled rubber! 

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You may have experienced recycled rubber flooring yourself before and not ever realized it. Many hospitals, schools, and even homes adopt recycled rubber floors. 

In hospitals, recycled rubber floors can provide a quieter environment and a more comfortable floor to stand on due to the flexible nature of rubber. 

In schools, gymnasiums and other open areas often use recycled rubber flooring to create a more forgiving surface in cases of slips and falls.

Finally, in homes, some architects have even started to incorporate recycled rubber into their designs. This is because recycled rubber can now be manufactured in a wider variety of colors, is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. 

Recycled rubber flooring has been around for years now, and will continue to evolve into a more and more practical solution for different industries! If your business or neighborhood is in need of recycled rubber safety products like portable speed bumps, portable sign holders, and more, shop our selection here at Buffalo Green Products today.


Recycled rubber is often ground up and incorporated into the asphalt that makes up our roadways across the country. A vast majority of recycled rubber goes toward the creation of rubberized asphalt — and for good reason. Rubberized asphalt requires less maintenance than traditional roadways due to its more pliable nature. This means fewer costs for taxpayers and less time spent in frustrating construction traffic. Also, asphalt that utilizes recycled rubber provides more grip for vehicles. More grip means decreased braking distance, better cornering control, and improved safety overall. Not to mention that since all of the rubber is recycled, it reduces the amount of waste that goes to a landfill by giving the old rubber a new purpose. 

Much like rubberized asphalt, Buffalo Green Products uses recycled rubber that would have otherwise gone to sit in a landfill for our parking lot safety products. Learn more and check out our great recycled rubber products here! 


Recycled rubber can often be ground up and produced in a variety of colors that are becoming more and more appealing to homeowners. Landscaping can often be a chore — especially for people who don’t have the time. Xeriscaping is becoming more and more popular because it is a zero- to low-maintenance solution that still looks great for many homes! Ground up recycled rubber is an up-and-coming landscaping solution that requires very little maintenance, looks great, and provides excellent drainage for any plants or flowers living within the landscape. 

Turf and Playgrounds

Accidents can happen when kids play on playgrounds. And when they do, recycled rubber is great for catching their falls. While recycled rubber playground surfaces aren’t perfect at preventing fall injuries, they greatly decrease the likelihood. Rubber is soft and malleable, which makes it a perfect candidate for catching falls. Using recycled rubber for playgrounds is also great because, on top of providing a soft landing for kids, it is durable, low-maintenance, and cleaner than other playground materials. 

Railroad Ties

As strange as it may sound, some companies have started to use recycled rubber for their railroad ties. They have a steel beam in the center and are thickly coated with nearly 100 pounds of rubber. The result is a railroad tie that is twice as strong as traditional ties!

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Parking Lot Safety Products

Parking lot safety products include sign stands, ballard stands, portable speed bumps, portable speed humps, and more. Many companies, like Buffalo Green Products, are starting to produce these parking lot safety products from recycled rubber. This is more sustainable and significantly better for the environment, while also beneficial to the safety of the general public! Check out our recycled rubber products and take your next step to become a more green, environmentally friendly company.