Why Buy a Portable Speed Bump?

Speed bumps are an important aspect of parking lot safety, but did you know there are now portable speed bumps? Portable speed bumps are incredibly versatile parking lot safety tools that can be used by businesses, neighborhoods, first responders, and more! In today’s blog here at Buffalo Green Products, we dive into the different scenarios where you can effectively implement a portable speed bump! 

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Neighborhood Kids

While kids are a beacon of light and the future of our planet, they aren’t always great at listening to their parents. In neighborhoods where kids love to play hockey or basketball in the street, speed through neighborhoods on their bikes, or spend their time outdoors in general, temporary speed bumps may be a great option. Using temporary speed bumps during the summer months throughout the streets where children are playing the most can help protect your children by slowing traffic down to a safe speed. Drivers may not be aware that kids often play in this area and may come speeding through unaware of the potential consequences. 

Portable speed bumps are perfect for these scenarios because when the kids have to go back to school or the weather has turned cold and kids aren’t playing outside as much, you can put the speed bump away and have traffic resume like normal. 

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Semi-Regular Events

When we say semi-regular events, we are talking about events like monthly church gatherings, county fairs, art shows, high school sporting events, or any event that draws a large crowd that doesn’t happen on a daily basis. The venues that host these events may not need parking lot safety devices like speed bumps on a day-to-day basis. But when it comes time for events, these typically mundane parking lots can become a glorified circus. That’s why portable speed bumps are perfect for crowd-gathering events that don’t happen every day. You can deploy temporary speed bumps to improve parking lot safety when you need it most and then store them away to resume day-to-day traffic flow. 

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Emergency Personnel

There are some first responders who are starting to implement portable speed bumps for their own safety while they are on a call. For example, let’s say there is a traffic accident on the highway. The firefighters and ambulances show up and shut down traffic to the lane, but traffic to the adjacent lane is still moving. When people are flying by at 75 miles per hour, it creates extra stress and an extra element of danger for both the first responders and the people they are trying to help. One misstep in the wrong direction could cause an already bad situation to become catastrophic. 

This is where parking lot safety materials like portable speed bumps come in. First responders can close one lane entirely, then have the adjacent lane drive over a speed bump to help control speeds. This keeps everyone safer and is an easily implemented solution that can be deployed and broken down quickly. 

Choose Buffalo Green Products

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