What To Look For In A Speed Bump

What To Look For In A Speed Bump

Parking lot safety is an important aspect of many small businesses. If your parking lot is always a madhouse where people are flying through at high speeds and often getting into fender benders, it is going to impact your business. People won’t feel safe visiting your location and may be tempted to take their business elsewhere. While this may seem a bit extreme, it’s entirely realistic depending on your parking lot. 

A large part of parking lot safety is controlling the speed at which people drive through your lot. That’s why in today’s blog here at Buffalo Green Products, we are going over a few qualities that you should look for when you are ready to buy speed bumps. 

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While portability isn’t strictly necessary for a great speed bump, it’s nice to have options. Portable speed bumps are great for use in multiple different locations for different events. They also allow you to tinker with the placement of your portable speed bumps placement without committing to one spot forever. You may find that placing your speed bump may have different effects depending on where it is in the parking lot. Once you know how different speedbump locations affect parking lot safety, you have the freedom to create a flow that is safe and beneficial for everyone. 

Pro Tip: Make sure that your portable speed bumps will stay in place even when not anchored down. A speed bump is no good if it moves around every time someone drives over it! Here at Buffalo Green Products, our speed bumps have the option to be portable or permanent and will stand strong even without stakes. Find your portable speed bumps and other parking lot safety equipment at Buffalo Green Products today! 

Recycled Materials

There are plenty of parking lot safety providers out there who might have a quality product, but in our mind, that doesn’t mean nearly enough if they aren’t made out of high-quality recycled rubber. The world has enough waste as is, and there is ample supply of rubber materials available to repurposed into something productive and helpful once again rather than lying is a landfill serving no purpose. That’s why Buffalo Green Products recommends only using parking lot safety products like portable speed bumps that are sustainably created from recycled rubber materials! 

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When you buy a speed bump, you are certainly going to want it to last for years to come. No matter how affordable a speed bump is, it isn’t worth it if you are just going to have to buy a new one within a year. Make sure the speed bump is made from a durable material (like thick recycled rubber) that is going to be able to withstand not only the weight of heavy cars and trucks but also stand up against the elements without issue. 

Effective Speed Control

A good speed bump really makes people think twice about speeding over them at 10 or more miles per hour over the speed limit. Different speed bumps are rated at different speeds. This means that you will want to find one that controls the speed of traffic according to the speed limit in your area. Most commonly in parking lot safety situations, a 2.5-inch speed bump will fit most situations by slowing speeds to less than 10 miles per hour. It’s also a good idea to ensure that even if a vehicle does go over at more than the recommended speed that it will not damage their car. 


There is nothing more frustrating than a massive speed bump that is completely unmarked and hardly visible. It’s important to have your portable speed bumps clearly marked with highly-visible paint, reflectors, and perhaps even signage. That way, you give the people in your parking lot a chance to slow down to the recommended speed if they aren’t already. Having a nearly invisible speed bump can actually be more harmful to parking lot safety than having no speed bump at all!

A Name You Can Trust

When making a purchase of any kind, no matter how big or small, it’s much easier and more comforting working with a company you know and trust. At Buffalo Green Products, we are a well-established company that has been providing high-quality recycled rubber parking lot safety products for years. We are a name that people recognize and trust. When you are looking for portable speed bumps or safety products for your small business or event, choose Buffalo Green Products! Check out our selection here.