Tips For Improving Parking Lot Safety

Parking lots can be one of the more dangerous locations for both drivers and pedestrians alike. There are a large number of people and vehicles all within a relatively confined area. So when little to no effort is put into parking lot safety, things can get very dangerous very quickly. In today’s blog here at Buffalo Green Products, we talk about great tips and tricks to improve parking lot safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike! 

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Speed Bumps and Speed Humps

One of the biggest dangers in parking lots come from vehicles traveling too quickly. While obviously no one wants to get hit by more than 1 ton at all, 1 ton moving 20 – 30 miles per hour can do a lot more damage than 1 ton moving at 10 miles per hour. One of the most effective methods for slowing down speeding traffic in parking lots is traffic calming devices like speed bumps and speed humps. When driven over at the appropriate speeds, speed bumps and humps are nothing to worry about — they simply bounce your vehicle gently and you are on your way. When driven over at high speeds, however, speed bumps are a serious wake-up call and surprise. Drivers will hear a loud noise and be aggressively bounced within their seats, hopefully making them pay more attention and slow down in the future. 

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Clear Signage

While parking lot rules and practices may be clear to some people, they can be vague to others. When it comes to parking lot safety, it is best to have as little confusion as possible. That’s why we recommend having clear and highly-visible signs throughout your parking lot. Signs can portray important information quickly such as: 

  • One-way roads
  • Where you need to stop
  • Crosswalks
  • Where you can and can’t park
  • Reserved disability parking
  • Speed limits
  • Yield locations
  • And more

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Bright Lines

Clear and bright lines are another important aspect of parking lot safety. Painted lines help to show exactly where you can safely park. When lines are faded or obscured, then parking lots are nothing more than asphalt where anyone is free to park wherever they’d like, in any orientation they’d like. This sort of organization is highly dangerous because there are no clear paths for cars to driven nor for pedestrians to walk. Painting vivid and visible lines the first time around helps to establish clear boundaries and order within your parking area. 

It’s also worth noting that you should paint clear and visible crosswalks as well to help pedestrians safely cross the roads within the parking lot. Without clearly labeled crosswalks, you could have pedestrians walking wherever in the parking lot at risk of being struck by a vehicle. Always make sure to have clear lines when you first paint and continue to paint the lines in your parking lot as needed. 


If your establishment isn’t open at night, lights aren’t quite as important. However, a majority of businesses are open long past sundown. For these businesses, installing high-quality lights in the parking area can greatly improve the parking lot safety. Headlights are great tools that cars have, but parking lot lights are better for helping see pedestrians and other cars that may not have their headlights facing toward you. 

Additionally, crimes are significantly more likely to occur in places that are poorly lit. You always want people in your parking lot to feel safe in your environment. Creating a well-lit area that has less crime is a great way to create a safer, more comfortable environment for everybody.

Two-Way, 90-Degree Spots

When it comes to parking lot safety, you want your layout to be as simple as possible. While one-way angle parking can be an effective method, two-way, 90-degree parking is often superior. 90-degree parking makes it so that there is never any confusion about whether or not you can turn down an aisle, because they are all two-way roads. Also, this type of layout makes for wider aisles and less wasted space with painted islands and medians. Plus, two-way streets encourage people to drive slower than one-way streets. Starting with the right design for your lot can make a world of difference for parking lot safety. 

Buffalo Green Products

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